“I’ve invested with Nate Newman on several projects.  Nate is humble, determined, and respects his co-investors.  Nate’s practical experience in all aspects of commercial real estate give him an intricate knowledge of what makes a good deal.  He’s developed a very disciplined approach to identifying and executing successful transactions.  Through the entire lifecycle of my investments with Nate I always felt informed and included.”  – Carter Simmons

“My approach has been to leverage my inside knowledge of the commercial real estate market to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. I look for opportunities that others think are too complicated and immediately work to solve the issues so that I can create value and lower the risk profile. I am very picky when it comes to making acquisitions and I pass on a lot deals.

When a new partner is interested in investing with me, I will typically advise that they start with a small investment so we can first get to know and understand each other. Once we have a relationship built upon trust and results, we can always increase the investment.

One thing that is unique about my approach is that I co-invest alongside my partners on every single deal. If a promoter won’t put their own money in the deal, why should you?

Lastly, when the project has reached its final exit stage, I ask my partners if they would like to cash out or if they prefer to roll their equity through a 1031 exchange into the next deal. I am fine either way and like to leave it up to the investors to decide. My objective is to be a good partner.”

-Nate Newman

For more information about investing with Newman Development Corp, contact Nate Newman.

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